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Turn any Spreadsheet into an API

Use any Google Sheets Logo Icon Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel Sheets Logo Icon Excel Online spreadsheet to power a fully-fledged API, no coding required.

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1 Name Favourite Thing Image
2 Bugs Bunny Carrots Bugs.png
3 Elmer Fudd Chasing Rabbits Elmer.png
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        Name: "Bugs Bunny",
        Favourite Thing: "Carrots"
        Image: "Bugs.png"
        Name: "Elmer Fudd",
        Favourite Thing: "Chasing Rabbits"
        Image: "Elmer.png"
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Spreadsheet as a CMS to a website

How It Works

Get More Done

Use Google and Excel Online Spreadsheets as a CMS, capture form data, save days of development work.

Save Time

Use Google & Excel Online Spreadsheets as a database. Read & write data with a single line of code. Prototype your ideas at lightning speed.

Take Control

Make your data more accessible, through the collaboration of Excel Online and Google Spreadsheets.

Use Cases

Embeddable Table

Embed any Google Sheet or Excel Online spreadsheet on your website or Wordpress blog, as a table.

Weather Widget

Display a live weather widget for your website using a Spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet as CMS

Build your website, admin panel or CMS from a Spreadsheet. Increased flexibility and using the tools you're used it.

Webinar listing using a Spreadsheet

Create a dynamic Webinar catalogue, using a Spreadsheet as the database.

Collect Leads

Collect leads from a form on your website into your Google or Excel Spreadsheet.


Use the built-in collaboration & sharing features of Google Sheets & Excel Online. Manage it all from Spreadsheets.

Publish Dataset API using Google Sheets, Excel Online
Dataset Publishing

Push your scientific datasets with an API, no development work necessary.

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