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Spreadsheet as CMS

In three easy steps.

1. Format your Spreadsheet

First, head over to Google Sheets or Excel Online and create a new empty spreadsheet.

The first row (1) should only contain column names. All the other rows may contain data, in whatever format you'd like (symbols, numbers, dates, words, etc).

For example:

1 Name Favourite Thing Image
2 Bugs Bunny Carrots Bugs.png
3 Elmer Fudd Chasing Rabbits Elmer.png

Great, now copy the Share Link to that spreadsheet.

Not sure what to do? Watch the appropriate video guide below.

2. Create Spreadsheet API

Head over to sheet2api and Create your Spreadsheet API by pasting your Share Link from the previous step into the form.

Create REST API from a Google or Excel Sheet

Click Create 🚀. Your new Spreadsheet API should be listed on the next page.

Your Spreadsheet APIs list in account

Great, that's the hard work done, on to the final step.

3. Populate your website

Place the following HTML code in your website to display the information from your Google or Excel Sheet.


<div data-spreadsheet-api="">
            <span>Name: <b>{{ Name }}</b></span>
            <span>Favourite Thing: <b>{{ Favourite Thing }}</b></span>
            <span>Image: <b>{{ Image }}</b></span>
<script src=""></script>

Remember to replace with your own API URL.

Example output:

Name: {{ Name }} Favourite Thing: {{ Favourite Thing }} Image: {{ Image }}

It's as easy as that 🎉.

If you need help, please feel free to send a message via the contact page.

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