Import JSON to Google Sheets

The easy way.

Looking for how to convert your Google Sheet to JSON? We have a guide for that here.

In this guide we'll cover how to import JSON into an existing Google Sheet.

There are several ways you can achieve this, which are:

  • Manually write code to connect to the Google Sheets API to import your data.

    This involves lots of work and time. Not the best if you want to do this quickly and easily.

  • Write a Google Sheet app script to import your data.

    Once again, this involves coding something up yourself.

Another more straight forward way is to use sheet2api. In this post, we'll cover how to take your JSON and import it into your Google Sheet via sheet2api.

First, let's start with some JSON, here's an example JSON blob:

    "Name": "Bugs Bunny",
    "Favourite Thing": "Carrots",
    "Image": "Bugs.png"
}, {
    "Name": "Elmer Fudd",
    "Favourite Thing": "Chasing Rabbits",
    "Image": "Elmer.png"

Now, head over to Google Sheets and create the spreadsheet you'd like to import your JSON into.
The first row of the spreadsheet needs to must the keys within your JSON as columns, they must match exactly, like so:

Google Sheet with named columns

Great, now copy the Share Link to that spreadsheet. (Not sure how? watch this video).

Head over to sheet2api and Create your Spreadsheet API.

Create Spreadsheet REST API using a Google Sheet

Click create.

Then your API will be listed.

List of Spreadsheet APIs in account

Great, that's the hard work done.

Finally, click "Copy" next to your API URL to proceed to the final step.

Enter the details of your API URL along with your Google Sheet Share Link into the form below. This will automatically import all of your JSON into your Google Sheet!

Import form

JSON successfully imported. Click here to visit your Google Sheet to see the end result.

And just like that, you can also access your spreadsheet via it's own REST API, view your API Docs here.

It's as easy as that 🎉.

If you need help, please feel free to send a message via the contact page.

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