Advanced Search Query Support

Advanced Search Queries

Up until now you could only query your API for exact spreadsheet row values. We're now happy to announce support for advanced queries, see examples below:

1) Wildcard search

Add a asterisk * anywhere in your search terms to enable wildcard search.


2) Negative search

If you'd like to omit certain rows from the results, use an exclamation mark ! before the value.

For example, if you'd like get all rows except the one in which matches Name = Bugs Bunny, use this url:!Bugs%20Bunny

3) Relational operators

Use relational operators to match on numeric column values greater or less than a given number.

Simply start with <><=>= operator. Example URLs:<20>20>=20<=20

You can find documentation on these features on the "JSON API Docs" page for your Spreadsheet API.

It's as easy as that 🎉.

If you need help, please feel free to send a message via the contact page.

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